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Sanitizer wipes can be bad for you.

The toxins can seep into your hand (your skin is your largest organ after all).

Watch out for what you’re buying. Visit where you can check on any product and get an “A” to “F” grade.

A lot of the products are an “F” because they cause cancer, breathing issues, toxicity of the body in general, and more.

We like Aunt Fannie’s Wipes (good for a laugh every time). They smell like vinegar so it takes a minute to get used to them, but it’s so worth it. You won’t worry about touching them anymore.

nontoxic cleaning products

Check them out and be sure to check your own products. Make sure that they are not toxic, seeping into your skin when you’re cleaning.

Jen Fisher

Jen is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Her goal is to help others love themselves. She believes the story we tell ourselves in our minds holds us back. For example, for many years she told herself she wasn’t smart enough to make it through school to be a nutritionist. She thought she couldn't do a fitness competition because she had kids (and no time). Our minds are powerful and Jen wants to help everyone break through that roadblock to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

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